Uploaded the video that introduces the course and then gives a few pointers on how to learn in the most effective of manners. Hope you like it.

Click to see the PHF Intro video
Click to see the PHF Intro video


Heyya! Welcome & اسلام و علیکم

Let us hit the ground running.

  • You can see the menu on your right. Click on the main menu item with the little arrow next to it. This will expand that menu.
  • Click on the lessons under the Module menu to attend the class.
  • Download worksheet if applicable. You can submit your work for review (for PHF Gold and above).
  • If you haven’t, apply to exclusive group here where we talk about creating products and selling online, all based around the thing we love and things that have meaning for us.

Any questions, queries or suggestions, please emai me directly at mmk@momekh.com or use the contact form here. You feedback is of great importance to me, seriously.

I want to thank you again for your trust and support,

And remember:

The world belongs to the bold

…so take action on what you learn.

Wish you nothing but the best,
God bless,

and just add venture,