Blog as a Business

This is how to start a blog that is fun, meaningful and profitable!

See you in lesson 1!


Module 1

  • Choose the Right Topic (and why this is more important than you might think)
  • Getting the Name for Your Blog
    • How To book a domain, and
    • How to Select the Best Hosting for your blog)
  • Building Your Blog
    • The Design
    • The Structure
    • Making it SEO friendly and ready for explosive growth! (includes a proven list of plugins to install)
  • Writing the first post, the first page and the first plan!

Module 2

  • Developing Your Content Plan (How to always have something relevant and profitable to write about)
  • Developing Your Social Media Strategy (and the One adjustment no one makes with the social media profiles)
  • The Five Pages of Profit

Module 3

  • Setting up Email Marketing for Your Blog
  • Developing Your Autoresponder Series
    • The four types of emails you need to send (and the two types you must never send!)
  • How the Masters Sell (and you never know it’s selling)


How to start a blog, and more importantly, why start a blog?

Yes, there are tons of blogs out there. Yes, there are millions of them. Many of them are deserted. Some have a lot of traffic. Some make a lot of money. Some have immense influence.

Where do you fit in?

Do you even fit in at all? Is blogging something you ought to take seriously?

The Introduction (see the menu for this module) tells you the possible “reasons” for starting a blog. I also share why I blog (it’s not what you think).

We look at a lot of “How To’s” and also at the “Why’s” behind a successful blog.

What is a Successful Blog?

A successful blog for you may mean:

  • more clarity
  • more money
  • more clients
  • more readers
  • all of the above
  • some other seemingly absurd reason that makes sense only to you

Any of the above reasons are good enough to start a blog, and start it well.

I wish you nothing but the best,