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Hello & اسلام و علیکم

My name is Mohammad Khan. I am an entrepreneur and a blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.

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Mohammad Khan

I publish the blog JustAddVenture (formerly LifeETC) as the site for creative self employment to live a life of adventure.

From dairy farming to selling software, from distribution to co-founding Lahore’s online cake shop… and about 20 others projects in between… I have been blessed by the Almighty and have been able to experience varying successes in even more varying businesses & enterprises in the last 10+ years.

I like the mountains and to ride motorbikes on them. I also like to draw cartoons and conclusions.

I have been writing under the name of Momekh since like forever. (Momekh is actually the first two letter of my full name put together… now Momekh is the name of my company/brand/alterego etc).

Not to Brief Overview

I am an adventurer. I want you to quit your life-sucking job and convert it into a soul-serving career, or if we’re really lucky, into an adventurous, fulfilling Calling!

It is time you start your own adventure. And I want to help you do that.

You want to take your idea, your case, your product to more people, I help you become the independent publisher online… you want to discover your Calling, I help by laying out a framework that has worked for countless others… you want to start an online business, I can teach you all I know. But what do I know?

Here’s my rule: I only want to teach what I have done! Knowledge, true knowledge, comes from experience. That’s Einstein’s definition. My objective has been to share more knowledge, and less information. Some facts:

  • I have been self-employed my entire life. By God’s Grace, I started working for myself while still at college. Have started quite a few projects.
  • I study businesses and marketing as a hobby; but my business model of choice is what I call for-profit philanthropy. Most of the information I give away for free, and I give a more detailed approach to premium members. Either way, it’s cool.
  • Although I do talk about earning online, I do not earn money in my sleep.
  • I am not a millionaire 🙂 and there is a difference between having a million dollars in your bank account and having a millionaire lifestyle.
  • I wrote my first article back in 2000, a cover story for SPIDER Magazine (a Pakistani national IT magazine). Since then, my articles have the seen the light of print on topics such as current affairs, business and IT.
  • I have had the pleasure of being mentioned and/or interviewed in publications such as The Friday Times, WIRED, BBC and local news channels.
  • This blog won the Best Business Blog award at the second annual Pakistani blog awards, held at Karachi by PCWorld.
  • I started a dairy farm, ran it for three years and sold it at a profit… all remotely, all while testing out the strategies that I have learnt in the offline and the online world.
  • I wrote a guide on dairy farming. This is proof of concept for anyone who doesn’t think that a “Pakistani can sell information products online” honestly and transparently. By God’s Grace.
  • The Momekh family – meaning the clients of all Momekh products and subscribers of the blog – is the only blog community in Pakistan that actually held a physical meetup. Everyone enjoyed, learned, met entrepreneurs, made friends and we plan to do this often. Read more about it here.
  • I co-founded with my wife, the largest online cake bakery in Lahore, Pakistan (some claim, right?)… and that also serves as an experiment in testing the strategies of converting one’s hobbies into a sustainable career and a business (the #proHobbyist movement woo-hoo!)
  • By God’s Grace, I believe in God’s Grace. 🙂

How to get in touch

You can always write to me directly using this form here (use this form if you have course related questions).

You can connect with me on Facebook, on Twitter and on them Instagrams. If you haven’t still, I invite you to join the community of add-venturers, prohobbyists and startas at http://JustAddVenture.com

Peace out and rock on,

Wish you nothing but the best,

God bless and just add venture.