ProHobbyist Foundation

This is the ProHobbyist Foundation course.

Get to the first lesson! Good luck.


Module 1

  1. The Only Lock You Need to Unlock #
  2. Why Someone Pays You to Do What You Love #
  3. What Should You Focus On (The Overwhelm Killer) (view class)
  4. Marketing can be Automated – Here’s How (view class)

Module 2

  1. The Internet Landscape Part 1 (view class)
  2. The Internet Landscape Part 2 (view class)
  3. The ProHobbyist Method
    1. The Path That Must Be Walked (view class)
    2. The 7 Steps of the ProHobbyist! (view class)
    3. The Case Study: Applying the Method to a Hobby (view class)