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It’s the Internet. You see an interesting link posted online, you click it. You land on a page. You read the article. You like it.

You even seem to agree with most of what the author’s saying. That’s rare – agreeing to anything while in the state of being on the internet. But there you are, and you like what you’ve read. So what do you do now? You almost automatically go to the About page of that site.

Why About Pages Are Important

About pages are one of the most visited pages on any website. People visit About pages to find out if they can like you, if they can trust you, and most importantly, if this site is relevant to them.

About pages play a key role in establishing trust.

And people only buy from people they trust.

Take Advantage of Psychology

This training is based on best practices and core principles of psychology and persuasion. We will use strategies that appeal to the right audience, and in the right sequence!

Sequence is usually taken for granted, but it is very important. What information is presented when! Just shuffling words around changes everything: Dog bit Dani. Changing the order to “Dani bit Dog” changes a lot of things, especially for Dani.

So we pay importance to the order of presentation on the About page as well.

The training (around 30 minutes) is based on such simple yet easily overlooked principles. Once you make your About page while watching this training, you will be building your business on the Internet for the profitable long-term! God willing.

I wish you nothing but the best,


Print out the workbook attached below the video, and fill it in as you go through the training! Good luck!



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